Nine Steps Toward Compassionate Communities

8 September 2013 in Community | Comments (0)

Here are nine steps that local governments can take to create more compassionate communities.

Improve Education.  Support adequate school funding and put children in rigorous classes with support.

Expand Jobs.  Invest in fixing infrastructure in older areas.

Expand Small Business.  Simplify permitting and zoning process.

Encourage Voting  Make Election Day a local holiday and advertise it.

Reduce Discrimination.  Aggressively adopt and enforce anti-discrimination rules.

Housing Code.  Vigorously enforce housing and property maintenance codes.

Reduce Incarceration.  Adopt restorative practices in schools, summer job programs and youth mentoring programs to cut juvenile delinquency and break pipeline to prison.

Conserve Energy.  Adopt and implement sustainability plans to conserve energy and promote renewable energy.

Reduce Violence.  Divest pension funds from assault weapon and ammo makers and promote gun buy back programs.

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