Building One America Takeways

20 July 2013 in For Fair Economy | Comments (0)

At the Building One America Summit on sustainable and inclusive suburbs this week in Washington, D.C. I learned that:

-schools that encourage the association of high performing students with lower performing students raise overall student achievement;

-100 million Americans live in suburbs;

-poverty in the suburbs is growing;

-racial diversity of the suburbs is growing dramatically;

-four policies can assist many older suburbs to revitalize (equitable state school funding, fix infrastructure in older suburbs first with increased state and federal funding,increase mass transit funding and de-concentrate affordable housing);

-bipartisan support of policies that support suburbs is happening in some states;

-a coalition of labor unions, environmentalists and local government leaders is developing in Pennsylvania to advocate for more state money for infrastructure; and

-Cheltenham can benefit from some of the efforts of Building One America and Building One Pennsylvania.

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