Progress Towards Goals- March 2012

21 March 2012 in Community | Comments (0)

Aggressively Move Forward on Sewer Upgrades-The Commissioners adopted a plan to accelerate sewer replacement and relining work and cut about one year from the prior plan in January.

Aggressively Move Forward with Flood Control Projects-A meeting with DEP Waterways Division was held to get the Glenside Flood Control Project under construction in February.  New flood control designs that are unimpeded by SPS will be completed by DEP in April for review by Cheltenham.  Short term flood reduction measures were adopted by the Board of Commissioners in February.

Engage Army Corps of Engineers-Negotiations continue with ACOE.  The ACOE will make a presentaton at the 11 April Public Works Committee meeting.

Reduce Real Estate Tax Gap- An ordinance to attract new housing/new taxpayers on sites of 5 acres or more was approved by the Board of Commissioners in February.

Revaulate Recycling and Trash Collections

Free Old York Road and Church from Public Works Facility

Adopt Anti Discrimination Ordinance-Adopted 15 February.

Adopt Equal Opportunity in Contracting Resolution-Adopted 21 March.

Adopt Sustainability Goals-Draft sustainability goals were adopted by the Sustainability Committee in January 2012 and then by the Public Works Committee of the Board of Commissioners in February 2012.

Adopt Sustainability Budget

Increase Physical Activity of Residents-Cheltenham advertised the walk and run to support the Glenside 4th of July parade.

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