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Super Wawa Update

20 July 2013 in For Fair Economy | Comments (0)

The Zoning Hearing Board will continue to hear concerns regarding the proposed Super Wawa on 20 August 2013 at 7:30 PM at Curtis Hall.  I encourage residents to attend this meeting of the Zoning Hearing Board.

Super Wawa Moves to Zoning Board

4 July 2013 in For Fair Economy | Comments (3)

After presentations by the developer and residents the Super Wawa project moves to the Zoning Hearing Board for a decision on a new date of 16 July at 7:30pm.  The Building and Zoning Committee of the Commissioners voted “no action” on the proposed developed with the following conditions:

-the adjacent property is turned into a passive park or other recreation area for Wyngate residents;

-the developer maximizes screening of the Wawa from the Wyngate neighbors;

-no night deliveries between 10PM and 6AM;

-the Township is involved in decisions to widen Limekiln Pike;

-the developer pays for road improvements;

-the developer improves the signals and crosswalks to the store and pays for all improvements; and

-green space on the site is dedicated.

Planning Commission Votes Against Super Wawa

25 June 2013 in For Fair Economy | Comments (0)

The Cheltenham Planning Commission heard from the Wawa developer and residents on Monday 24 June and decided to recommend no approval of the proposed Super Wawa on Ogontz and Limekiln Pike.  Some of the many issues raised during the  meeting of the Planning Commission were:

-traffic on Limekiln Pike

-safety of school student crossing to the Wawa

-appearance of the building

-screening of Wyngate residents from the Wawa

-size of signage proposed

-stormwater management

The Super Wawa is scheduled to be considered by the Board of Commissioners’ Building and Zoning Committee on 3 July at 8PM and the Zoning Hearing Board on 8 July 7:30PM in Curtis Hall.


Building One America

18 June 2013 in For Fair Economy | Comments (0)

Next month I’ll attend the Building One America conference in Washington, DC, all expenses paid by me, to advocate for that national government to:

-Increase support for excellence in public education;

-Increase support for sustainable infrastructure improvements in communities including, water, sewer, road, tunnel and bridge upgrades;

-Increase support of public transportation; and

-Enforcement of anti-housing discrimination laws.

Leaders from across the US and Pennsylvania will attend this summit that is focused on inner ring suburban communities.  Please send me any suggestions.

Where’s the Money?

9 March 2013 in For Fair Economy | Comments (0)