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2014 Preliminary Budget

14 November 2013 in For Fair Economy | Comments (0)

At adoption of the Preliminary Operating Budget on 20 November certain corrections and changes in the President’s Budget Message were made.  First, the proposed real estate tax increase of $850,000 is a 6.3% tax increase .  Second, on a home of $148,000 the tax increase means an additional  $66 for real estate taxes in the year not $90.  Third, the amount of fund balance used to balance the budget is $650,000 not $850,000.

Low Wages Hurt Businesses

31 October 2013 in For Fair Economy | Comments (0)

I recently saw the movie “Inequality for All”.  A main point of the movie is that low wages hurt families and businesses.  Low wages for families means, in part, less ability to buy what is needed or desired.  Low wages for businesses means, in part, lower purchasing power of consumers and lower sales and lower production.

Small Business Majority found strong support for raising the minimum wage in order increase consumer buying and business sales when they surveyed small business owners in April 2013.  65% of their respondents agreed that increasing the minimum wage will boost consumer demand for small businesses, helping them to grow and hire.  See more info at

What does this mean for Cheltenham?  In part it means that the Cheltenham Mall is suffering due to the low wages and therefore low purchasing power of many residents in nearby communities.  As long as wages are low, then the amount of money to shop will be low; the sales of businesses that rely on these consumers will be low; the success of businesses that rely on these consumers will be low and the rental of space to such businesses will suffer.

Raising wages is the way to increase family income, family shopping and sales that businesses need to survive and expand.

Unfair Pay

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Building One America Takeways

20 July 2013 in For Fair Economy | Comments (0)

At the Building One America Summit on sustainable and inclusive suburbs this week in Washington, D.C. I learned that:

-schools that encourage the association of high performing students with lower performing students raise overall student achievement;

-100 million Americans live in suburbs;

-poverty in the suburbs is growing;

-racial diversity of the suburbs is growing dramatically;

-four policies can assist many older suburbs to revitalize (equitable state school funding, fix infrastructure in older suburbs first with increased state and federal funding,increase mass transit funding and de-concentrate affordable housing);

-bipartisan support of policies that support suburbs is happening in some states;

-a coalition of labor unions, environmentalists and local government leaders is developing in Pennsylvania to advocate for more state money for infrastructure; and

-Cheltenham can benefit from some of the efforts of Building One America and Building One Pennsylvania.