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Laverock Hill Poll

11 May 2013 in Community | Comments (1)

Please let me know your priorities for the redevelopment of the 42 acre Laverock Hill site on Willow Grove Avenue that is in both Cheltenham and Springfield.  The property has been zoned for about 2 homes per acre for the 10 acres in Cheltenham, but a prior zoning change permits age restricted housing in several  multi-store buildings with over 100 total units.  For more information on the Laverock Hill project please see the Cheltenham Township and/or Save Laverock Hill websites.

Please share your top three priorities.  Thanks.

Laverock Hill Priorities
Rank Your Priorities for Laverock Hill

Why Help a Neighbor and Stranger Yard Signs?

22 April 2013 in Community | Comments (0)

In an election campaign the yard signs generally focus on highlighting a person for leadership.  The choice for leadership is important and can make a community stronger or weaker.  At the same time, campaigns can go beyond focusing on a person for leadership.  They can also state a position like “end the war” or “freedom now”.

My yard signs do both.  At the same time as requesting residents to support my re-election I ask them to help a neighbor and a stranger.  This campaign to encourage residents to help each other is due to the core reality that our strength lies in what we do for each other.  The list of what we do for each other is long and includes reporting suspicious activity, mentoring, caring for family members and pets, assisting fire victims, investing in flood controls, shopping local, sharing a snow blower, supporting libraries, and on and on.

My signs will hopefully remind us and challenge us to be more inclusive by helping a neighbor and a stranger.  Please contact me to obtain a yard sign.

Cheltenham Votes to Divest From Assault Weapon Makers

17 April 2013 in Community | Comments (1)

The Board of Commissioners of Cheltenham Township voted to divest our pension and financial holdings from companies that make assault weapons and high capacity ammunition clips.  This action to divest comes at the same time as the US Senate voted against background checks.

Now is the Time for Gun Control

14 April 2013 in Community | Comments (0)

Glenside Flood Control Design Approved

11 April 2013 in Community | Comments (0)

Last night the Public Works Committee of the Board of Commissioners voted to approve the Glenside Flood Control project as designed by DEP.  The state has $4 million dollars to pay for the levee ,detention basins, flood walls and culvert to protect Brookdale Avenue residents from flooding.  The township may spend $2.5 million to acquire properties and take related actions.  DEP assured us that the design will not increase flooding upstream or downstream.

This project was funding in part in 1994 and after many years is closer to completion than ever.