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Easing Voter Registration

2 January 2014 in For Political Participation | Comments (0)

Tenant Voter Registration
Should Landlords Assist New Tenants to Register to Vote

Local Progress Conference

31 October 2013 in For Political Participation,For Sustainable Living | Comments (0)

I attended a conference of locally elected officials in Washington, DC on 26 and 27 October, at my own expense.  Below are some examples of initiatives that were discussed at the conference that local government can take:

Expand Voting

-advertise and promote Election Day
-require landlords to provide voter registration forms to tenants at the time of leasing; and
-allow 16 year olds to vote in local elections

Promote Sustainability

-adopt building codes that encourage and require energy conservation

Support Families 

-require contractors with local government to pay a wage of at least $12 per hour;
-involve police department in activities that reduce juvenile delinquency; and
-coordinate township recreation programs with public school programs to enhance after school activities for children

If You Don’t Vote It Counts

24 August 2013 in For Political Participation | Comments (0)

For many years the slogan “if you don’t vote, you don’t count” has been used to encourage voting.  However, even if you don’t vote it counts and here’s one example of how.

In the 2010 elections, Republicans took over the state government in Pennsylvania because many Democrats didn’t vote.  Then having won, the Republicans determined the areas that would elect Congresspersons Pennsylvania.  The Republicans who took over in 2010 created areas for Congresspersons that created 13 Republican and 5 Democratic Congresspersons even though Pennsylvania has 1 million more Democrats than Republicans.  That’s right, Republicans have more than double the representatives in Congress, even though they are far outnumbered in Pennsylvania.

Then having increased their power, Republicans used their numbers to cut education and social services, limit voting rights, prevent investments in jobs and infrastructure and prevent fair taxation of the rich.

How did that happen?  Many Democrats who voted in 2008 for Barack Obama, didn’t vote in 2010 when Republicans did.  Republicans used their new power to increase it.  Let’s be clear.  If you don’t vote it counts.

Mid-Year Progress Report 2013

21 July 2013 in For Political Participation | Comments (0)

In the first six months of 2013 the Cheltenham Township Board of Commissioners approved these highlights:

  • the first in Montgomery County and award-winning Sustainability Plan;
  • divestment from companies that make assault weapons and high-capacity ammo clips;
  • a design and plan for the Glenside Flood Control project;
  • relining and replacement of significant sections of our sewer system; and
  • an anti-solicitation ordinance for residents

In addition, the Township successfully started automated collection of recycling; worked with the US Army Corps of Engineers on the flooding study;worked with neighboring Townships and Philadelphia on a regional sewer improvement plan;began to look closely at Township retirement obligations and benefits of employees; received accreditation of the Police Department;  and received the strategic plan of the libraries (which includes a plan for a new library).

In the second half of 2013 we anticipate approval of the regional sewer improvement plan, approval from the state of sewer hook ups for business and residential growth; recommendations from the US Army Corps of Engineers to relieve flooding; and recommendations for addressing our retirement obligations.  The new homes connected with the Ashbourne Country Club, Laverock Hill and Kerlin Farms and the retail Super Wawa are all in stages of zoning approval and unready.


We Won!

22 May 2013 in For Political Participation | Comments (0)

Thank you for your support in this re-election campaign.  We won the primary election.