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Martin Tragedy-Repeal the PA Stand Your Ground Law

14 July 2013 in For Sustainable Living | Comments (1)


If George Zimmerman had a duty to retreat he would have been convicted and imprisoned for manslaughter at least for killing Trayvon Martin.  Florida took away the duty to retreat in 2005.  Now, since you can stand your ground, also known as “shoot first”, in Florida Zimmerman is free.  We can expect other Zimmermans and Martins unless the duty to retreat is restored.

Pennsylvania also has a stand your ground law and like Florida allows concealed weapons.  This is a deadly combination.  We adopted stand your ground in 2011.  It could happen in Pennsylvania to one of our sons.  Restore the duty to retreat.  Repeal the Pennsylvania stand your ground law.


Fitness 19

9 July 2013 in For Sustainable Living | Comments (0)

I joined Fitness 19 yesterday to continue my healthy living resolutions.  I spent 10 minutes at the gym and later jogged a half mile.  Hopefully I will create a routine of gym exercise every other day and increase the minutes.

How To Recycle

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Sustainability Plan Approved

22 March 2013 in For Sustainable Living | Comments (0)

Three years after proposing a sustainability plan the Board of Commissioners approved the Cheltenham Sustainability Plan on 20 March.  Many citizens spent many hours developing the Plan with the assistance of the Montgomery County Planning Commission.  The Plan includes recommendations for conserving energy, protecting the environment, fighting climate change, building our local economy and healthy living.  The power is in our hands to take actions today that will make Cheltenham strong in the future.

Join Sustainable Cheltenham.  Visit the website at

US Army Corps of Engineers Update

14 February 2013 in For Sustainable Living | Comments (0)

Representatives of the US Army Corps of Engineers, PEMA, Montco Planning Commission, Township staff and others attended an all day session to develop solutions to flooding in Cheltenham.  The initial range of solutions ranged from education to rain barrels to detention basin to levees.  The Army Corps will organize the suggestions and further evaluate them for feasibility.  The next report from the Army Corps is due in June.  We are making progress to alleviate flood damage.